Vision & Mission


“A transformed and prosperous community by 2040”


“To provide quality and sustainable socio-economic services to the people of Koboko”


“Accelerating socio-economic growth for sustainable development”


  • Integrity- The equitable and honest treatment of all local and external stakeholders, building mutual trust and rspect.

  • Good Governance- The maintenance of the of the objectivity in decision-making, fairness in the consideraation of stakeholders, Interests, acceptance of accountability for actions and the demonstration of the demonstration of socially responsible behavior.

  • Transparency -Adherence to the highest level of transparency in al operations within the district.

  • Quality Service- The provision of professional and excellent service via the effecient and effective use of resources in the district.

  • Community-oriented- Commitment to the achievement of community satisfaction at all service points.

  • Collabration- Commitment to partnering with stakeholders to work towards the achievement of shared District goals.

  • Open Communication- Foster an environment that would allow the sharing of information and transference of the knowledge resource.